JetX’s Official Release Date Announced with a New Trailer

Sci-fi arcade racing game developed by Singularity Lab, JetX gets its official release date and a new trailer. Available for VR and PC platform, this combat based game offers players well done flight mechanics with intense PvP action.

Players can also use variety of weapons in vast arena matches and try to control zero gravity environment in high-speed competitive races. JetX is will be out on PC via Steam on April 11, yet there is no official announcement for other platforms.

 JetX new trailer and features

  • Various game modes, from classic deathmatch, to the unique endless-race, and boss fights
  • Full freedom of movement in zero gravity
  • High level of old-school competitivity
  • Live leaderboard
  • AI that isn’t to be underestimated! An exciting game is guaranteed, even when playing offline
  • Wide choice of weapons for all types of players
  • Numerous diverse maps for racing and PvP
  • Play solo or with friends!

You can check the new trailer below and tell us what you think!

JetX Game Trailer Video

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