Just Cause Mobile Announced For iOS, Android

Square Enix announced the mobile version of its popular game called Just Cause. The game, which will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store in 2021, will include a single-player and three multiplayer modes. The company also released a promotional video for its upcoming mobile game.

Square Enix is one of the well-established names of the video game industry. The company announced the mobile version of Just Cause, one of the most popular game series. Just Cause Mobile, which can be experienced on iOS and Android platforms. Also, will be accessible by all mobile gamers around the world in 2021.

Making a statement about the new game, Square Enix officials say that Just Cause Mobile will have both single-player and multiplayer modes. Players will encounter a brand new story of the Just Cause universe in single-player mode. When we look at the multiplayer modes, we see that different experiences will be offered to the players.

Just Cause Mobile announced for iOS, Android

Just Cause Mobile Will Also Impress With Its Graphics

Square Enix says that the single-player mode of the mobile game to release in 2021. Also, it will be a member of a secret project called Firebrand. In this game mode, players will experience all the advantages of the open world and try to fulfill their missions. In Just Cause Mobile’s multiplayer mode, we will encounter three different options.

According to the statements made, Just Cause Mobile’s first online game mode will consist of 30-player competitive matches. So, the players, who will be divided into 3 teams of 10 people, will try to be the best team by defeating their opponents. In this context, players will be able to form their own teams as well as join a team individually. The second online mode in the game will involve a 4-person team overcoming common tasks. Teams will try to defeat the enemies after determining the most suitable equipment.

Challenge Mode Will Show Who Is The Best Player

Just Cause Mobile’s latest online game mode is “Challenge”. Focusing only on the best mobile players, the mode will provide scoring for situations such as the best lap time and the fastest destruction. The player who will collect the most points within the scope of the game will be the winner. Special gifts will be earned for the character in the game if this mode is won.

According to Square Enix’s statements, Just Cause Mobile will be available for free. However, players will be able to make improvements for their characters by making in-game purchases. Square Enix, which currently creates a website for the game that is not on the Google Play Store or App Store, also released a promotional video to show what Just Cause Mobile has to offer.

Here is an overview of the game, via Square Enix:


Expanding the series’ universe, Just Cause: Mobile delivers the explosive action of the Just Cause franchise to your fingertips in action-packed single player and multiplayer experiences, offering an on-the-go grappling, gliding, and shooting experience, all presented through exhilarating top-down gameplay.

Team up with friends online and complete competitive multiplayer and co-operative missions to get gear and upgrades to help tackle your foes during solo-play. Create and customise your own character before experiencing a brand-new single player story campaign, where you will rise through the ranks, form alliances with series’ favorite Just Cause characters, and take on intense missions against the enemy organization Darkwater.

Game Modes

Just Cause: Mobile will launch with four distinct game modes:

Story Campaign – Experience an all new action-packed story set in the Just Cause universe. As a member of the Agency’s secret program, Firebrand, explore large open-world locations and take on Darkwater forces and form alliances with well-known characters from past Just Cause iterations.

Triple Threat 30-Person Competitive Multiplayer – Compete online in fast-paced Just Cause multiplayer! Three teams of 10 players fight to secure bases and score points as they battle across a sprawling map while wielding an explosive arsenal of weaponry & vehicles. Players can also form clans with teammates to earn big rewards.

Co-Op Missions – Team up in a four-player squad to complete challenging missions where players will take on waves of enemies. Select the perfect loadout and blast your way through tough enemies like heavy tanks and armored mechs!

Challenge Mode – Looking for an extra challenge to test your skills? Challenge Mode will task you with hitting high scores across three distinct challenges ranging from causing destruction to getting the best lap time. Earn extra rewards for your agent by completing the Destruction, Wingsuit and Race challenges.


Visit the official website here.

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