Kojima Productions Released a Mysterious Image

We all know Hideo Kojima’s aptitude for cinema. Now Kojima Productions shared an image, written “Who am I?” on it. This mysterious image caused some theories to be put forward. Kojima may be giving hints for his next game. At the same time, Geoff Keighley, one of the famous names in the game world, also shared this image.

Kojima Productions Released a Mysterious Image

Kojima Productions and Kojima’s affinity for cinema is a fact. As a matter of fact, we can say that this new shared poster also points to some kind of movie star. As you know, important names such as Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen appeared in the game Death Stranding. It seems that Kojima will bring the characters from the cinema again in his new game. Considering the production quality of his games, we can really say that Hideo Kojima is up to the task.

Kojima Productions Shared a New Poster Written “Who Am I?” on It

The shared image probably points out to the female actress who will appear in the new game of Kojima Productions. Of course, the photo is buried in the dark and does not give much detail. Also, while we were trying, we realized that the face of the woman in the image is not included in the photo, against possible Photoshop tricks. Therefore, only strong guesses will solve this mystery.

Now that Kojima Productions has started offering some stuff, we can wait for this to continue. It is possible that a few more stars will appear in this way until the announcement in the near future.

Let’s see what surprises Kojima comes up with in his new project?

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