Legends of Runeterra is already doing some big number on Twitch

Riot Games is still in the celebration of their 10th anniversary. The company pulled off an epic gamer move and announced some big upcoming titles on their 10th-anniversary celebration stream. From updates on League of Legends to a brand new hero-based shooter, Riot surprised and caught many of the fans off-guard. While a lot of the announced titles are still in early development, Legends of Runeterra started its Announce Preview Patch, which can be considered a closed beta, right after the stream.

Apparently Riot has been in talks with many popular TFT streamers to let them try out their new game. Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang stated that he has been aware of the game for more than 6 months. Right after kicking off the closed-beta, Legends of Runeterra achieved to pass most of the popular games on Twitch like Fortnite and League of Legends in viewership count. You can check out Twitch to see more gameplays of the Riot Games’ brand new turn-based card game.

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