Login Problem with Ubisoft Forward

Ubisoft faces the reaction of users in the Ubisoft Forward event, where it will appear with new games. The event, in which dozens of codes are distributed, continues at full speed. However, there is a problem, the players are on the brink of rebellion. Because there are some technical errors on the site, watchers are having login problem. There are server errors in both Uplay and the site. Players are sad they couldn’t get the free Watch Dogs 2

Login Problem with Ubisoft Forward

Access to servers is not possible in Ubisoft Forward, organized by Ubisoft. Ubisoft continues to share various game keys at the ongoing Ubisoft Forward event. Ubisoft says that anyone attending the event can get free Watch Dogs 2 and is embarrassed by users due to technical errors. Ubisoft is struggling with server insufficiency in the Ubisoft Forward event, which has about 40 thousand viewers. In addition, Ubisoft, where we encountered server errors before, faces the same technical problems on such an important day. Players are rebelling on both Youtube and Ubisoft’s site.

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