Lowest rated player in FIFA 19 spoke up

The least powerful player of FIFA 19, Shandon Baptiste made an interview with dreamteamfc.com. Shandon Baptiste from Oxford United said that he complains a bit about this situation and some of the jokes of his friends.

The lowest rated player of FIFA 19: Shandon Baptiste

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As soon as FIFA games are released every year, one of the first things that Ultimate Team players do is to take a look at the players’ powers. The question of which players are in the top 20 keeps us busy. However, the question of which players are in the last place does not come to our minds. The dreamteamfc.com website came up with an interview with Shandon Baptiste, who had the lowest score of FIFA 19. Baptiste mentioned that his team-mates have 50, 55 points, and he has 47 points. With the next update, Baptiste hoped that his rating will increase and added following statements ” Hopefully after the next update I’ll go up because the younger guys at the club are really giving me some banter. “

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