Major Content Update Brings New Character Classes to Black Desert on Xbox One

Less than one month after the launch of Black Desert for Xbox One, publisher Pearl Abyss today announced that its second content expansion is now available as a free update. The fantasy-action MMORPG introduces four new classes, each bringing a completely new way to experience the game, as well as large-scale PvP feature modes called Node Wars and Conquest Wars.

Major Content Update Brings New Character Classes to Black Desert on Xbox One

The four new classes, Dark Knight, Lahn, Musa and Striker, provide a compelling reason for players to start a new adventure within Black Desert as each character. Born of vastly different backgrounds and each bearing a unique combat, these new classes are exciting additions to the game.

  • Dark Knight: Dark Knight wields the beautiful but lethal Kriegsmesser and burns through nature’s energy to amplify her power. Using a variety of ranged magical skills, Dark Knight can confuse her enemies and create opportunities for a deadly combo of attacks.
  • Lahn: Lahn is extremely agile, with the unprecedented ability to leap and glide through the air over long distances. Combined with the flexibility of her Crescent Pendulum, whether she’s facing enemies head on or raining death from above, she is truly a force to be reckoned with.
  • Musa: Musa uses a variety of oriental martial arts, focusing mainly on sword skills and his horn bow. Expert swordsmanship allows Musa to unleash quick and deadly combos, making him an incredibly formidable adversary.
  • Striker: Born in Calpheon and trained by a martial-arts master, Striker is a close-quarters expert with countless years of training and experience. His skill in hand-to-hand attacks results in deadly consequences for those who meet him.

A new large-scale PvP mode, Node Wars, has also been added to Black Desert. Supporting 25-100 players, Node Wars will allow Guilds to fight over specific node locations until the last fort stands. The victorious Guild will be rewarded with gold from part of the worldwide tax collection for the occupied node for that week.

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