Man arrested, after threatening with arson

From time to time, we encounter accidents and different news in the game studios. In recent months, the Japanese-based Studio Ghibli‘s building was burned down and 35 employees lost their lives. Soon after this incident, an arson threat came.

Man arrested, after threatening with arson

In addition to games, Visual Arts is a company that works on visual novels and animations. Key, a subsidiary of the company, also undersigns the visual novels of Kyoto Animation, which you will remember from the animations.

According to Kotaku, 25-year-old Toshiki Benikawa was arrested for threatening the Osaka-based Visual Arts company. Toshiki Benikawa wrote that he will burn the company in his social media accounts with “I’m getting the gasoline ready.” words. Benikawa, who was arrested after this message, is still unclear. But there will surely be the result, after the threats.

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