Massive Update for Dead Cells Now Available For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch

Motion Twin released a massive patch today for console players of the smash-hit action platformer Dead Cells, including the release of an all-new custom game mode that allows players greater control over how they want to play the game. Dead Cells’ most recent update includes an astounding number of player suggestions which have very clearly influenced the game – full patch notes can be found here:

Dead Cells Massive Switch Update Patch Notes

The new custom game mode gives you the ability to unlock or re-lock items, enable special gameplay adjustments and changes up the rules of play for enhanced flexibility (and more fun.) Additionally, today’s update removes the “mob auto-scaling” mechanic completely: all levels now have a fixed difficulty which affects the gameplay differently depending on what mode you are on.

Dead Cells latest console patch also re-balances the way a player’s HP scales for Brutality and Tactic, so players at higher levels will have vastly more HP, preventing them from being offed via a one-shot. Tactics HP levels have been raised to 30, and Brutality’s HP cap has been raised from level 14 to level 45.

Switch users can look out for the long awaited “60 FPS everywhere or death!” update which, took much longer than expected due to technical hurdles, but now runs as smooth as a hot knife through butter.

Fans of the PC version have already patched these updates into their builds with the PC release late last year.

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