Meet Mori Hamako, the 89yo Grandma who games on a daily basis

If you are young, your reflexes, dedication, and fast learning curve might turn you into a skilled gamer. But what if you are an 89-year-old grandmother. Can you be a skilled gamer when you are 89? If you think you can't, Mori Hamako is here to prove you wrong because lately, she has been kicking ass in Call of Duty lobbies.

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Mori Hamako, aka Gamer Grandma, is an 89-year-old gamer who also happens to have a Youtube channel about it. She currently has 97,200 subscribers on her Youtube channel and she uploads pretty much on a regular basis. From new games to old classics, her Youtube is stacked with content. Days Gone? She has it. CoD WW2? She has it. Borderlands 3? She has it. I mean even I didn't get the chance to play Borderlands 3 but I watched some of her videos. And to be honest, chances are very slim but I probably got smacked by her in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

According to GameSpark Japan's article about her, she started gaming back in 1981 with Cassette Vision and switched to Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) when she dove deeper into the gaming world. She even underlined how shocked she was when she first saw the advanced graphics and storyline of Resident Evil. And later on (like two decades) when the technology birthed a new platform called Youtube, she said: “Why not?” and started filming herself whenever she played. Because according to her, it would be a waste to play all by herself when she had the chance to share her experience.

Gaming GamePlay Video

Mori Hamako still uploads gaming videos and she has some very popular videos that hit the 700,000 viewer mark. If you want to see for yourself, you can check out her Youtube channel by clicking here. And oh, she also has an advice for us. “Start gaming as young as possible and never stop.”

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