Metro Exodus Review

Metro is the biggest rival of the Fallout series without any doubt. However, we did not see any Metro game in this generation, to begin with. Now, we finally do. Inspired by the Dimitry Glukhovskys’ books, Metro Exodus is much bigger than ever. The games most featured improvement is the new open world. Now, let’s see if the new open world Metro Exodus lives up to the hype.

Metro Exodus Review

We get to see our character from last game Artyom. His story continues in Metro Exodus. However, from the Metro of the Moskow, we get to see the streets of Moscow now. We also got to see Anna from the earlier games. Apparently, Anna and Artyom are now married and the change of the characters will surely surprise the fans. The story shapes around these two and their will to survive.

The story progression is way slower than the other Metro games, That is why a casual player might find it a little boring. Even with the side characters, the game is struggling to keep the player awake. Even though Metro Exodus is an open world game, there are no side missions to increase playability. Also, the side characters won’t shut up. Their conversations are way too long. I actually went to get a drink and when I came back, they were still in the middle of the conversation. The game is really struggling about the weak storytelling. I am not saying it is boring. You will definitely wonder what is going to happen next when you finish a quest. But, the progression is really slow. Some quests are just there to make the game longer.

Now, let’s talk about the not so open world. In the previews, the developers showed us that the open world is huge and we are free to anything. But, in the game, we don’t get to see any of that. We are very much stuck in the map. The map is limited and we cannot go everywhere. Last I check, that does not count as open world. However, the environment is very much alive. You will surely be on your guard about the literally everything that can kill you.

Metro Exodus has a great graphical performance. It surely looks brilliant. I played the game on PlayStation 4 and did not encounter any graphical or technical glitch. Sometimes the textures can take a while to download. Also, since the story is taking a while, we get to see many seasons of Moscow. We start with snowy winter and end up at the deserted summer. It is a cool way to see what will happen to earth after a nuclear war. Character designs are also very good. You can actually tell NPC’s mood from their expressions. This also brings a better atmosphere to the game.

The open world is kind of brutal. We suggest that you should use your equipment only needed. You may regret using them early in the mission. But, don’t worry. At the end of the missions, you can resupply on the train. The train is your safe house and you can craft almost everything you need in there. You can gather the necessary materials from missions and open world. The materials are easy to find and easy to farm. So, don’t worry about grinding too much.


Just like the story, the game struggles from slow gameplay mechanics. Animations are cumbersome and NPC’s response times are delayed. However, this somehow made the game more down on earth. For this reason, our character feels more realistic and fragile. But, in the open world, enemies AI can be very troublesome. You might even end up dead even when you thought you can sneak on missions. I have ended up dead so many times because of the game not letting me play sneak mode.

Now let’s talk about weapons. Weapons in Metro Exodus are highly detailed. We can modify our weapon with the materials we find in the open world. The game offers many options to the player. The combat mechanics are also good in Exodus. However, due to poor AI, the fails to provide good combat experience. When you are in combat, you can actually feel the gun in your hand. That is why modifying a gun feels much better. You will feel like that gun is yours and yours alone.

If you are planning to play the game on a console, be ready for long loading screens. We have checked both on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro but the loading screens did not changed as we thought it would be. If you don’t have a fast SSD, PC users will also struggle with this problem. Due to the open world, your HDD will be struggling to load the game.

To sum up, if you are a fan of early Metro games, you should definitely play Metro Exodus. Compared to other post-apocalyptic games, Metro exodus has something special. However, if you are wondering how an open world Metro game could be, just don’t.

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