Kirby and the Forgotten Land review

In our Kirby and the Forgotten Land review, you’ll find lots of details about the game. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is one of Nintendo’s most important games this year. The game, which is expected to compete with Elden Ring in terms of sales, was developed by HAL Laboratory, a company very experienced in Kirby. As such, what you expect from a Kirby game, you find it in the Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Nintendo’s hero, who hides a great talent under that pink, cute image, has done its duty in this game too.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land review: Return of the funny hero

Kirby and the Forgotten Land begins as our hero happily hangs out in his own world. We are being dragged into a world where we are foreign, with a dimension door appearing in the sky for which we do not know why. This world has a structure where nature gradually collapses on the ruins of civilization. Buildings, shopping malls and roads are like in apocalyptic movies. Of course, when Kirby was involved, it was reworked according to this theme and painted in a sweeter way.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land review

In addition to being dragged into this world, Kirby also sets out to save the captured Waddle Dees. As you save them, you also need to help them establish a new world to live in. As you save the Waddle Dees, you enable new shops and buildings to open in their own regions.

At the beginning of the game, we open our eyes in a place where the sea waves hit the beach, and we complete the first mission and move on to the world map of the game.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land review

The open world of the game is placed in a system that will not be unfamiliar to Nintendo players. It is thriving map by map. Each map is divided into different sections that unlock as you progress through it. You can liken it to Mario’s classic 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 progression. Of course, you need to save a certain number of Waddle Dees in order to move on to the next area. In addition to each section, there are also some side sections designed as mini-games. By using different features in each, you collect the objects in a certain time and reach the finish. I can say that they are short but enjoyable.


The dynamics are in the form of platform gameplay. Kirby is in the center. If you’ve played a Kirby game before, you know that the character’s swallowed enemies gain different features according to the objects. There is a character who uses it to its advantage by spitting when it swallows an object that it has not acquired a feature. As such, a level design created according to Kirby’s shape change has been included. You pass the enemies, platform items and mini puzzles you complete according to the features Kirby will gain.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land review

If there is a crack on the ground, you swallow the triangular pontoons and jump upside down to break the cracked part. It is also possible for you to acquire the characteristics of enemies who swing swords, throw boomerangs, throw bombs, use weapons, or breathe fire. In fact, you need to take advantage of this flame spraying feature to ignite the fuse of the cannonballs that you will reach the hidden parts of the level. As Kirby progresses in the game, encountering different enemies and objects from which he can acquire his abilities has also shaped the gameplay. With such different uses, both normal progression, mini puzzles and boss fights have become more creative and entertaining.

Kirby’s struggle with hunger has no limits. Sometimes it can turn into a trampoline, sometimes it can turn into a tiny tornado. It’s trying to swallow construction ladders, vending machines, or even a huge car. Although it cannot swallow such large objects, you can use their properties by taking their shape. When you swallow ladder, you overthrow the enemies and neutralize them, when you swallow a vending machine, you throw cans of drinks to them, or when you turn into a car, you crush those who come in front of you and jump off the ramps. Using these different features and seeing their effects on the game has really brought along a very simple but fun gameplay dynamics.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land review

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is not a difficult game. Although it takes on a more challenging with the Wild mode, the part of the game we call the challenge is based on doing the tasks in all sections and discovering the hidden parts. In addition to different missions such as “Drive without falling”, finding all the Waddle Dees in that area has strengthened the gameplay again. After a certain time, you go back on the world map and you want to complete the parts you missed.

When you see Waddle Dees which have ten in one episode but rescued eight, you replay the episode to find the two missing. Some secret areas are so hidden that you may not notice it even if you play it many times. Fortunately, different themes such as the city, carnival area, snowy areas and water sections prevent you from getting bored in these repetitions.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Gameplay

Musics and graphics

Apart from its main theme, Kirby and the Forgotten Land offers a gameplay accompanied by music that makes the atmosphere fun. On the graphics side, all the sweet designs expected from a Kirby game are included. The shapes Kirby took, enemy and boss designs ensured that the game kept its structure. A lively and colorful world has been created with the objects you interact with. The flames burning in Kirby’s head or that face when it takes the form of a car are really worth seeing.


A co-op mode is also included in the game. As with other Nintendo productions, a player can join and leave the game at any time. When the other player is involved, they embark on an adventure as Waddle Dee, which is not very skilled and can only use a spear. According to Kirby, being very clumsy and unable to use the main dynamics of the game means that other players will miss out on the fun. It also brings control difficulties, as the camera only focuses on the main player.

Is Kirby and the Forgotten Land worth to buy?

Result: Kirby and the Forgotten Land review

Here is the end of our Kirby and the Forgotten Land review. We hope the information we have given you will be useful to you. As a result, Kirby and the Forgotten Land has become one of the most enjoyable platform games I’ve played recently. I can say that it has become one of the best Kirby games with its theme and gameplay dynamics. If you like Mario and Kirby games, an adventure awaits you that you shouldn’t miss. You can buy the game from Nintendo Store.

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