Michael B. Jordan believes that he can handle the Superman role

Henry Cavill, along with Man of Steel and other films, showed us that he can perform Superman role very effectively. The filmmakers of the DCU have not made the final decision, although they also want to play the role of Superman in the sequels by Michael B. Jordan. The young actor pointed to the producers for the role of Superman. Jordan thinks he will add a different soul to the character of Superman, sure that the role can handle by him. Michael B. Jordan, who mentioned his name in many projects, including the New Matrix, believes that all of them should have an authentic feel. Jordan is also a big comic book fan, underlining that he understands the audience to be uneasy.

Michael B. Jordan believes that he can handle the Superman role

In addition, DC has said that Jordan will bring Superman to the audience in a more modern way. They’ll probably change the actor of Superman by agreeing with Michael B. Jordan. It is said that JJ Abrams will direct the new Superman film, which is expected to be released after 2023. It is estimated that the character played by Henry Cavill in the story will be killed and replaced by Michael B. Jordan. This event is expected to be done with the Flashpoints.

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