Microsoft Gamerpics are Back on Xbox Live

Microsoft had withdrawn the feature which allows games to create their custom gamerpics via Xbox Live. Since this withdrawal, Microsoft has restored the ability to upload custom gamerpics. At the end of March, the giant of the software switched off the possibility of uploading gamers, club pics and club backgrounds as demand grew. Users can upload their image files as profile images across Xbox One, Windows 10, Xbox Mobile Apps and other Xbox Live devices with this inversion.

The demand for other Microsoft cloud services such as Windows Virtual Desktop, Teams, Mixer, and Xbox Game Pass was higher in March. Because, as a result of coronavirus pandemic, many people were locked. The company also said that it worked with game publishers to offer higher-bandwidth activities, such as game updates, over time.

Microsoft Gamerpics are Back on Xbox Live

Changes in Microsoft Gamerpics

Each player is tailored to ensure that the content complies with community policies. Microsoft attributed the amendment to simplifying moderation. The error message “Well, we can’t upload your picture right now. Try again in just a little while” would come to users trying to upload images.

The move implies a reduced burden on Xbox services that steadily loosen government restrictions in many regions. And, also adapt Microsoft to current challenges. It is only available by enabling apps, followed by a manual examination by the Xbox Live moderation team. This team allows users to change their profile pictures.

Positive Effect of Online Gaming

Temporary Xbox Live gamerpics changes from Microsoft were one of the few restrictions imposed as a consequence of a year-over-year 42% increase in active Xbox Live. Xbox Game Pass now has more than 10 million users. We all know online gaming is not being anti-social. Microsoft has also seen 270 million new friendships built by users digitally connecting via games on Xbox Live while they are locking.

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