Microsoft revealed Xbox Series X, coming Holiday 2020

Aside from all the new game announcements, The Game Awards 2019 had a surprise console reveal. Well, Microsoft actually revealed its next-gen console this summer but they didn't release any footage until now. Plus, the console didn't have an official name back then. Xbox Series X, also known as Project Scarlett, will come out Holiday 2020.

“Power Your Dreams with Xbox Series X”

According to Microsoft's official description about Xbox Series X, the next-gen console is packed with firepower. One of the first titles for the console will be Hellblade 2. The sequel to the 2017 Bafta Game Awards winner Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Aside from Hellblade 2, Xbox Series X will launch with Halo Infinite. You can see the reveal trailer for Xbox Series X, and read Microsoft's official description about the console below.

Xbox Series X Technology Video

“From a technical standpoint, this will manifest as world-class visuals in 4K at 60FPS, with the possibility of up to 120FPS, including support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and 8K capability. Powered by our custom-designed processor leveraging the latest Zen 2 and next-generation RDNA architecture from our partners at AMD, Xbox Series X will deliver hardware-accelerated ray tracing and a new level of performance never before seen in a console.  Additionally, our patented Variable Rate Shading (VRS) technology will allow developers to get even more out of the Xbox Series X GPU and our next-generation SSD will virtually eliminate load times and bring players into their gaming worlds faster than ever before.

We are minimizing latency by leveraging technology such as Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and giving developers new functionality like Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) to make Xbox Series X the most responsive console ever.  Xbox Series X is also designed for a future in the cloud, with unique capabilities built into the hardware and software to make it as easy as possible to bring great games to both console and elsewhere. Xbox Series X will deliver a level of fidelity and immersion, unlike anything that’s been achieved in previous console generations.”

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