Millions of Facebook and Instagram Passwords Can Be In Danger

An internal investigation revealed that thepasswords of some Facebook users have been stored in the company’s systemswithout any kind of encryption, making them accessible to employees of thecorporation, free of restriction.

Facebook and Instagram passwords are compromised

Facebook, which claims to have solved theerror, estimated that the number of affected users amounts to “hundreds ofmillions” in the case of Facebook Lite, “tens of millions” inthe case of Facebook and “tens of thousands” in the case of Instagram. All of them have been notified in the following hours, inviting in some casesto change the passwords as soon as possible.

Thecompany notes in its official statement that the error “caught theirattention” because Facebook’s login systems “are designed to maskpasswords using techniques that make them illegible”. Krebs on Security added that the erroraffected passwords that, in some cases, date back to 2012. Despite this,Facebook insists that the investigation carried out internally has notdisclosed any case in which its employees have abused from the free access ofthis data.

The sources consulted by Krebs on Securityconfirms that between 200 and 600 million Facebook passwords have been storedin an insecure way, making them accessible to more than 22,000 employees of thecompany.

Only shortly after the scandal of CambridgeAnalytica which harvested data on millions of users, do you feel Facebook isstill able to secure your privacy? 

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