A Few More Screenshots About Shenmue 3 Released by Ys Net

We just received some new images from Shenmue 3 from Ys Net depicting the rewards for people who helped with the game’s development and funding. Shenmue 3 is an upcoming title for the PS4 and  PC, being part of the popular and interesting Shenmue series. Shenmue 3 is about a young martial artist, Ryo Hazuki searching for who murdered his father. It is a mix of adventure and fighting game, along with narration.

More Screenshots About Shenmue 3 Released by Ys Net

We have a few pictures released about the supporters and funders of the game, mostly as easter eggs and a few other spots such as a special jacket for Ryo and a special VIP card for the Save Shenmue building. Here are a few of the screenshots that we’ve received, depicting what can be found for the supporters.

shenmue 3 1 1

shenmue 3 2 1

shenmue 3 4 1

shenmue 3 5 1

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