MySpace Files Uploaded For More Than A Decade Are Completely Lost

Every so often a misfortune reminds us howuseful and safe backups are. Or that’s what they must be thinking in MySpace.While the service is not going through its best in terms of popularity, it doesnot seem that the last event is going to help them too much.

MySpace loses big amount of data

According to the complaints received by oneof its users who were unable to reproduce part of the music stored in theirMySpace account, data from 2003 to 2015 have been irretrievably lost. And thisdoes not end in music, but as acknowledged by the head of privacy of the socialnetwork a few months ago, it extends to other types of files: “As a result of a migration project,any photo, video, or audio files that you uploaded more than three years agomay not be available on Myspace. We apologize for the inconveniences andsuggest that you keep backup copies.”

Although at first MySpace acknowledged thefailure and was working to solve it, the company closed in this email allpossible hopes for recovering lost data, stating that “there is no way torecover lost data”.

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