MOZA Mini MX2 Review – World’s First Auto-sense Smartphone Gimbal

The increasing use of social media in the last 10 years, forces people who like to share their precious moments. And those situation makes them to look for new solutions to create more innovative content. Those who want to stand out using many different techniques while creating their videos, and they are also updated technologically. The gimbal category, which was not easy to reach due to high sales prices in the past years, has become much more accessible today. We already informed you about this new product in our previous article. So, we are here with the MOZA Mini MX2 review, one of MOZA’s new products. Let’s see what innovations this new product offers us.

MOZA Mini MX2 Review

The second-generation gimbal produced by MOZA for smartphones is designed for those who personally produce video content. The first point of produce for gimbals was that people with shaky hands could take stable shots. However, over time, when this feature was included in the operating system of the phones as software, the gimbals began to lose their popularity. However, it could continue to be used with new features, and MOZA produced the Mini MX 2 by speaking its professionalism in this regard.

MOZA Mini MX2 Review - World's First Auto-sense Smartphone Gimbal


MOZA is a company that manufactures gimbals. MOZA announced their newest gimbal, MOZA Mini MX2 as the “world’s first auto-sense smartphone gimbal. We can say that the new product expands its features from the previous model, MOZA Mini MX.

The new model comes with a package including a mini tripod, USB Type-C charging cable, wrist strap, spare joystick cover, and storage pouch. We can say that there is nothing fancy in the package but you have everything you need while using a gimbal. We should also say that MOZA Mini MX2 doesn’t include a charging adapter in the package. But you can use any phone charger which has a USB port. New Mini MX2 comes with features like an auto-sense phone holder, spiral folding design, gesture control, magic mode and advanced shooting modes.

MOZA Mini MX2 also features a new smart auto-sense phone holder function. We can say that this is the biggest improvement on the new product. This function uses a built-in smart sensor to detect the phone and clamp or release it automatically. And we can say that the function is pretty easy to use. You just put your phone in the middle of the holder, and the clamps will close and balance it.

MOZA Mini MX2 Review - World's First Auto-sense Smartphone Gimbal

One of the other improvements is on the stabilization side. The company announced the new feature, saying: “With the upgrade of the MOZA classic “DeepRed” anti-shake algorithm, the stabilization of the gimbal now reaches a new level. MOZA Mini MX2 enables you to provide stable and smooth shots even under extreme shaking environments.”.

MOZA Mini MX2 Review - World's First Auto-sense Smartphone Gimbal

When the gimbal is folded, it measures just 145x60x180mm and 425 grams. That means you can easily carry the gimbal wherever you want. All the controls are on the handgrip. The little joystick on the handgrip allows controlling the pan/tilt/roll motors. To mount that gimbal on the tripod is pretty easy. There is a mounting thread under the PAN motor. So you can easily mount your gimbal on your tripod.

MOZA Mini MX2 Review - World's First Auto-sense Smartphone Gimbal

The new model comes with a built-in 2000mAh battery. With this battery, you can use your gimbal for up to 24 hours with a single charge. And when the charge is finished, you can charge your gimbal in 2.5 hours via the USB Type-C port on the side. The parts are next to the hidden reset button.

MOZA Mini MX2’s “DeepRed” has also been upgraded. The new upgrade has an improved anti-shake algorithm. The new MOZA Mini MX2 has a tracking system. With the new system, you can keep the focus on the subject, even when the subject is moving fast.

There are seven shooting modes in the new product. They are: panorama, fast-tracking, inception mode, time-lapse, sports gear mode, slow-motion, and dolly zoom. And of course, you will need software to work on your videos. The product is supported with the MOZA Genie App. With the application, you can easily edit your videos.

Personal Experience

I started the product testing process with software installation. Thanks to the QR code that comes out of the box, you can quickly install the application. After installation, I have to grant the necessary permissions for the pairing process. At this point, I can’t understand why it wants to access other photos on our device. When you do not allow it, the installation of the software cannot be completed. After software intallation, my phone and MOZA Mini Mx 2 are paired via Bluetooth. It’s pretty simple. Now, I can take more stable shots with my phone.

MOZA Mini MX2 Review - World's First Auto-sense Smartphone Gimbal

I was most curious about the Gesture Control feature. After I fixed my phone with the tripod that came out of the box, I was able to control to start and stop recording with the hand commands. There was no problem recognizing commands either. One of the points that I had the most trouble with, the problem of my big screen phone Huawei P30 Pro not fitting into the device, has completely disappeared in MOZA Mini Mx 2. Moreover, the fact that it can easily carry phones weighing up to 280 grams made my job easier. When I place the phone, the microphone input section is also not blocked. The microphone input problem that I encountered in the DJi Osmo Mobile 2, which I used before, is not found in this product.

MOZA Mini MX2 Modes

  • Pan-Tilt Follow Mode – Activate this mode by pressing the ‘+’ button once. The phone follows left/right and up/down motion while maintaining level with the horizon.
  • Inception Mode – Use Zoom +/- buttons in FPV mode. With a dynamic rotating lens effect, creates an aesthetic feel of changing space and atmosphere
  • Portrait or Landscape orientation – Triple press the power button to toggle between portrait and landscape orientation.
  • FPV mode – Push Zoom ‘-‘ button to enter into FPV mode that offers a more immersive perspective.
  • Pan Follow Mode (PF) – By default, the MX2 starts in this mode the phone pans left/right following the movement of the stabilizer.
  • Sport Gear Mode – Double click and hold the smart trigger to speed up motor response times.

As we said before, the new product comes with MOZA Genie App. With this application, you can use more advanced shooting modes. These modes are:

  • Smart Gesture Control
  • Face tracking
  • Subject tracking
  • Magic Mode
  • Trajectory delay
  • Slow Motion
  • Motion Timelapse

MOZA Mini MX2 Review - World's First Auto-sense Smartphone Gimbal

But of course, the product is not perfect. While we are using the face and object tracking mode under low light conditions, we see that this function fails sometimes.

MOZA Mini MX2 Technical Specifications

  • Gimball Weight:                          423g
  • Expanded Dimensions:               120*120*265mm (L*W*H)
  • Folded Dimensions:                    145*60*180mm (L*W*H)
  • Supported Smartphones:          Dimensions: 60~88 mm, Weight: 143 ~ 280g
  • Mechanical Range:                     Pan: 340°, Roll: 300°, Tilt: 140°
  • Battery Life:                                24h (underbalanced status)
  • Battery Specs:                            Standard Voltage: 7.4V, Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Battery Capacity:                        2000 mAh
  • Charging Time:                          2.5h



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