Ned Stark talked about Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones makes its competitors jealous of its success. Sean Bean, who took part in the first season of the series, made an important statement about the series. Famous for his role as Ned Stark, the actor buried many people in sorrow with Ned Stark’s death. Despite the years passed, Ned Stark and other dead characters will be back!

Game of Thrones’ favorite actor Sean Bean has made an important statement for the series

Sean Bean made fans happy announcing that there will be a special episode after the last episode of Game of Thrones and we will see all the characters in this special episode. Producers of the Lost series made a similar move, earlier. Producers released a special episode after the final of the series, which made fans happy.

Game of Thrones, which left question marks in mind with the last season, will say goodbye to its fans with the final season to be published in 2019. We are curious if the series finale will please the fans. The final of the series is expected to be magnificent.

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