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Netmarble unveils new BTS storytelling ip mobile game

Today, Netmarble Corp. is thrilled to announce another collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment for an all-new mobile game involving global superstars BTS.

Netmarble unveils new BTS storytelling ip mobile game

The new game was revealed at “BIG HIT CORPORATE BRIEFING WITH THE COMMUNITY” earlier today with a trailer showcasing stylistic concept art of BTS members.

Following Netmarble’s launch of the BTS WORLD mobile game in June 2019, Netmarble Monster is leading active development of the company’s second game involving BTS.

“We are also preparing a new game project with Netmarble utilizing BTS’ storytelling IP. Set in a new genre, this new work will provide another encounter with the BTS Universe rendered through lush, emotion-filled art.” said Bang Si-Hyuk, CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, as he unveiled the concept art video

BTS World Game Trailer Video

More information on the new BTS mobile game, including the schedule and additional details, will be revealed by Netmarble at a future date.

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