New Animated Star Wars Series: The Bad Batch

First of all, Disney + has ordered their new animated Star Wars series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, for 2021. The series meets in the final of the Star Wars: Clone Wars series on May 4, 2020.

Secondly, according to a press release, the series follows Bad Batch’s elite and experimental clones as they find their way through a rapidly changing galaxy right after the Clone War. Bad Batch members “each has a unique feature that makes them extraordinarily effective soldiers and a great team”. New animated Star Wars Series “The Bad Batch” on the way. As a result, it looks like it will be a very good experience for Star Wars fans.

According to Disney + content vice president Agnes, “Our partnership with groundbreaking storytellers and artists in Lucasfilm Animation is just beginning, although it has come to the conclusion of Clone Wars. We’re excited to bring Dave Filoni vision to life with the next adventures of Bad Batch. “We are as excited as you are, Chu.

In short, Star Wars;

New Animated Star Wars Series: The Bad Batch

Star Wars, George Lucas’, primarily known for his movies, in the following years, comic books, computer and console games, television productions, etc. is a fictional universe and brand that has developed its reputation in branches. The first of the film series came to life on May 25, 1977, with 20th Century Fox. They published the series under the name of Star Wars and became a worldwide popular cultural phenomenon. Two sequels came in three years apart. Sixteen years after the release of the last movie of the original trilogy, the first movie of the “premise” trilogy said hello to the audience, and two other films accompanied it three years apart. The “secondary” trilogy started in 2015, and the sequels were released in two years.

George Lucas has led to the emergence of publications in many different areas. These areas such as movies, books, TV series, video games and comic books. These by-products, which brought many innovations to the fiction depicted in the trilogy, allowed the formation of the fictional universe. This universe is known as the Expanded Universe by the followers of the series. This paves the way for Science Fiction. Thanks to these publications, the popularity and value of the Star Wars brand have been preserved in the gap between the films.

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