New Free Games from Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store has added new games to its free games. Offworld Trading Company in the form of economic strategy and platform-style GoNNER games will be available for free for a week in the Epic Games store. 

What do the free games, Offworld Trading Company and Gonner, offer?

Both games are enjoyable. While strategy, competition, and independence are at the forefront in one, we encounter a platform game where you will die many times in the other. I want to give you a little more detail and immerse you in these games. Let’s see which one will be your favorite. Let’s start!

Offworld Trading Company

The game was developed by Soren Johnson, chief designer of Civilization IV. The strategy game is set in the Mars colonies. This time, the economy speaks instead of weapons. 

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The game goes on an economic struggle. You both use and process the resources you collect on the planet Mars. So you create a market and try to keep the Mars economy in your hands. 

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  • Invest in Mars to Earn Your Wealth

With the transformation of space travel into reality and the reduction of easy-to-reach resources on Earth, hopeful people keep their eyes on their next goals to earn their wealth; It’s Mars.

  • Discover the Starting Point of Great Martian Business

Determine the fate of the colonization effort on Mars in the dynamic single-player adventure mode. Multiple types of CEOs make hours of discoveries to find out how to dominate Mars’ future and their motivation.

  • Experience New Multiplayer Adventures

With a solid and exciting multiplayer mode that supports up to eight players, no game will be the same! The markets will fluctuate based on the four startup companies you and your competitors have chosen and the resources you have accumulated.

  • Control Your Market Without Competitors Controlling You

Your weapons are not guns or bombs, but your market forces. You have to make tough decisions about resources to win, goods to sell and buy, interaction with the planet’s exciting underworld and which stocks to take and when.


It’s a  is a platform game. In the game, which has a pleasant atmosphere based on pastel colors, sections are randomly created. On the other hand, GoNNER is a story about the friendship between a space whale called Ikk, Death, and Sally. There are daily missions in the game where you fight against enemies in challenging levels with your whale friend.

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It can be played only once a day. Levels are created randomly, but in this mode, everyone plays in the same world and uses the same equipment. Everything is reset at midnight (UTC + 1 and Swedish UTC + 3 at Swedish time). Can you defeat your enemies in the leaderboard?


Each time you play the game, the levels will be different and offer unique missions and opportunities.


You will be able to choose from a variety of passive and active abilities at the beginning of each play; Make sure to try each one and find the style that suits you best.


There are hidden areas in the world of GoNNER, and you can use different items from these areas at the beginning of each game. We will not tell you how to reach these areas or what are the criteria for finding. As the name says, hidden space.


Kill creatures, make combinations, collect points and show your friends that you are better than them.

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The games are free until March 12. You can reach the details form here.

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