New leaked image from Avengers 4 shows Iron Man’s enormous gun

Getting a huge income channel with Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel has already started to prepare the new Avengers movie for the big screen. While the film was still in progress, we encountered a lot of leaked information. Previously, the new movie’s name was leaked: Avengers Annihilation. Although this information is not official, an image from the movie set is leaked this time. The giant gun in the leaked photo is said to belong to Iron Man. This weapon, known as the Proton Cannon, can cause massive explosive effects and cause serious damage.

A new image from Avengers 4 has been leaked

avengers 4 4 1

Let’s see the weapon shown in comics will be used against which enemy. We are curious. With the script of his latest film, Avengers left big question marks in our minds, let’s see how the team will end Thanos in the new movie. Captain Marvel will join the team and we hope the Marvel fans will have a happy ending this time.

After the fourth film, we will say goodbye to the great heroes. Marvel fans guessing that Captain America and Iron Man are going to leave the story after the new movie.

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