Ninja Theory is hiring veteran talent!

Xbox Series X is nearly a year away from launch and behind closed doors, Xbox has been hiring veteran talent to develop “AAAA” exclusive titles that can represent Xbox’s quality. In shorter than 2 years, Xbox Game Studios has bought developers like Obsidian Entertainment, Ninja Theory, InXıle and more. And recently, Ninja Theory has hired Naughty Dog‘s veteran talent Andrew Watkins who has worked for the company for 9 years.

Naughty Dog Environment Artist Andrew Watkins joined Ninja Theory

According to MicrosoftCentral‘s latest news, Ninja Theory has contacted developers from studios like Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog to hire industry veterans for Microsoft’s newly built studio at Santa Monica, California. As of now, one of the first developers that we know is Andrew Watkins who has worked for Naughty Dog for 9 years as an Environment Artist. As seen on Watkins’ LinkedIn page, he started working for Ninja Theory past December.

Veteran talents can always bring a breath of fresh air to a new project and I think Microsoft is doing the right thing by scouting for industry veterans.

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