Free Movie Streaming Service is blocked

Nites tv, a free movie streaming site that has occupied the agenda for several days, has been blocked. It is not known whether this is an expected result, but it is not currently available over England and Turkey.

We also shared that we could not find any information about whether it was legal in the news we made before. You can read is the free movie streaming site legal? app and website, which exploded on social media suddenly, which has more than 30 thousand free movies and series, were blocked. The site, which we think has been blocked for infringing copyright, is currently unavailable. It may be a technical problem or it is very likely that it may be blocked by internet controlling institutions.

Movies such as Birds of Prey, Sonic The Hedgehog, Bloodshot and Jumanji: The Next Level are now available for free on various platforms, and can be watched for free on

Is it legal to use a free movie streaming service

On the website, quality series, and movies are provided free of charge. Users say they don’t have to watch ads and the playback speed is impressive. However, this is a very new website and it offers some question marks in our minds that it offers some of the latest movies and shows for free, especially the same content being paid for money elsewhere.

We do not know what permissions or licenses Nites TV has because it is not mentioned on their website, which is alarming. In addition, there is no page for any terms of use on the site. For this reason, we think the site is not legal.

Some internet streaming movies like this can be illegal, and unsafe streams may increase your risk of exposure to viruses. Online movie sites can also cause users to watch copyrighted content that they do not own. It is always recommended to double-check whether you are using a legitimate movie-watching service, otherwise, you may technically violate the law, even if you do not know it.

If you are unsure of the security of a website, it is best not to use it and share your personal information on the platform. As a result, Nites.TV has been blocked, and sites like this that are particularly problematic with copyright will continue to be blocked.

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UPDATE: Nites TS is coming back legally.

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