No Man’s Sky Origins Update Brings a Bunch of Improvements

With the No Man’s Sky Origins update (also known as 3.0 update) you will hop into a brand new adventure with great improvements. This is the biggest update since the 2.0 update.

No Man’s Sky Origins Update includes New planets, Landscapes, New UI, Alien Fauna and many more

It’s been a long time since the scandalous release of the No Man’s Sky. But the developers promised that the game will get better. And it looks like they are honest and serious about it because the Origins Update is massive and it changes the game a lot. In this article, we have listed all the important changes with the recent update.


We will see much more planets than before. The planets generate much more terrain, such as mountains four times bigger than the previous ones. Existing planets do not affect by this. (this will also not affect the player bases.)


Planetary visuals are now better in the No Man’s Sky Origins Update. Such as Terrain rendering, Colour diversity, Lighting diversity. New plants, rocks, and similar objects have been added to each planet type, this doubles the available diversity. Scorched planets now can be volcanically active. Lush planets can also become marshlands/swamps. Except for these changes, there are also a variety of bugfixes.

No Man's Sky Origins



Cloud quality is now better and you will see the clouds in the same colour as the environmental conditions on the planet. The storms affect cloud coverage. They will also now differ from planet to planet.

Additional stars are now in the universe. Some systems have now binary stars. Also, there is a rare chance for a system to have ternary stars.

No Man's Sky Origins



No Man’s Sky Origins Update also brings some friends into the game. There are highly exotic creatures in the universe now. Insect diversity is much more than before. The behaviour and animations of flying creatures better now. There are also new cooking products. Thanks to these products, you can now create different food.

In addition, new weather and other atmospherics events are live. Such as lightning strike during storms, tornadoes can occur during storms, you will experience strange gravitational events. Your Exosuit now takes advantage of the extreme conditions: Superheated temperatures can be processed into improved jetpack efficiency; freezing temperatures prevent Mining Beam overheating; high radioactivity increases mining yield; dense toxic gases can be recirculated for additional stamina.

The improvements do not end here, there are various updates such as Sandworms, Traders and User Interface. There is also a Photo mode in the No Man’s Sky Origins update. The game is evolving and gets better and better with every update. So be sure to check it out if you own the game. This new update makes the game completely new. You can check it out the official site by clicking here.


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