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No More Heroes 3 Coming to PC and Consoles

No More Heroes 3, which was previously exclusive to Switch, can now be played on PC and other consoles. While it’s not yet confirmed when exactly the game will be released or which platform the developer will choose, XSeed has confirmed that the game is leaving its contract with Switch. The game will be available on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox but it’s not entirely clear at this time whether this is just Microsoft’s current-gen system or if it includes the Xbox One.

No More Heroes 3 Coming to PC and Consoles

Tweeting that our favorite otaku assassin is back, XSeed said that Travis Touchdown took action to defend not only Santa Destroy, but the Earth itself. Goichi Suda, founder and CEO of Grasshopper, explained in a statement posted on Twitter at the time that the COVID-19 pandemic was causing unforeseen delays in development.

No More Heroes 3 Coming to PC and Consoles

Describing the conversation he had with Activision some time after the release of the first No More Heroes, the developer said that ten years ago, Activision offered me a partnership to make a Deadpool game. Stating that this plan never materialized and the initial planning stages were in vain, the developer added that he has had great ideas since then.

While Suda expressed a renewed interest in tinkering with a Deadpool game, he emphasized as a joke that the more he talked about the games he wanted to make lately, the more impossible it became to actually make them. It is unknown when the No More Heroes 3 release date will be announced.

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