NVIDIA Broadcast Announced in NVIDIA Event

NVIDIA announced NVIDIA Broadcast for broadcasters. NVIDIA comes up with some data in a live broadcast. In the data, there are 1.5 billion players in the world. And it has 20 million live broadcasters. He also informed us that there are 45 million content producers and 500 million global viewers.

Nvidia Broadcast announced in Nvidia Event

NVIDIA announced NVIDIA Broadcast for broadcasters and content producers. You can turn any room into a home studio. You can now filter the background noises more powerfully. It also offers you the chance to filter the background image. You can add any image you want to the background with artificial intelligence. You also have the chance to even add the game you are playing. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can follow your image face and do not experience image loss.

The NVIDIA Broadcast application, which is prepared for live broadcasters for any purpose, is available in September. The application, which has a very simple interface, carries a very strong software infrastructure behind it. This application, which works only with RTX graphics cards, makes the lives of broadcasters quite comfortable in several key issues. For example, with this application, ambient noise can be completely eliminated.

With the application, you can make the microphone transmit only your voice to the other party even in live broadcasts by pressing the button. It is also possible to eliminate the background without a green screen with the Broadcast application. This structure can also blur the backside. Thus, you do not have to edit the environment you are in before going live. This looks very good for many people.

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