Omen of Sorrow Coming To Xbox One in 2021

Developer AOne Games and publisher Eastasiasoft have announced that they will release the horror-themed fighting game Omen of Sorrow for Xbox One in 2021. Additionally, Omen of Sorrow was first released for PlayStation 4 in November 2018, followed by PC via the Epic Games Store in July 2019.

Omen of Sorrow coming to Xbox One in 2021

So, here is an overview of the game, via Eastasiasoft:


Omen of Sorrow is a classic 2D, four-button fighting game, with Unreal Engine 4-powered graphics, a cast of characters inspired by classical horror, fantasy and mythology, and a battle system designed from the ground up to leverage player skill, rather than stats or random chance, featuring deep combat mechanics that favor movement and spacing over tight execution to provide an engaging experience for pros and newcomers alike!

Using a netcode technique called rollback (GGPO), Omen of Sorrow offers you a near-lagless online experience. You’ll also be able to fight your friends in Local Multiplayer.

Key Features

  • Battle with many iconic characters and strategize with character specific special moves and abilities!
  • Flirt with danger in dismal stages, inspired by age-old European legends!
  • Take part in a gripping tale of darkness and despair in an exclusive Story Mode!
  • Endure grueling battles in Arcade and Survival Modes, or beat up friends in local Versus!
  • Experience a complete Online Mode, featuring Ranked and Casual matches, and create lobbies for custom rule matches!
  • Unlock more than 200 in-game rewards by conquering all of the different gameplay modes!
  • Master your fighting skills in a fully featured Training Room!

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