Ooblets Comes With Early Access On July 15

Developer Glumberland announced that Ooblets will be available for early PC access. It will be available on July 15 through the Xbox One and Epic Games Store. It will have a $ 24.99 price tag. 20% discount will be offered during the release week.

Ooblets, farming, creature collection and town life; It is a game where you can build your own field and make friends with the townspeople. In addition, you can raise ooblets and make dance competitions. The developer team said about the game “In Ooblets, you enter a small island community called Badgetown and (of course) harvest small live crops called ooblets”. Then you will fight other creatures in the dance competition to grow them, get their seeds and grow them more. As you progress, you will expand, decorate your home and make friends with interesting people in the town. Think of the game as a mix of Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Pokemon games. See you soon in Badgetown! ” made statements.

About “Ooblets” that comes with Early Access

Ooblets Comes With Early Access On July 15

Ooblets, farming, creature collection and town life; It is a game where you can build your own field, make friends with the townspeople, raise ooblets and make a dance competition.

  • Sell crops grown in your farm in the town
  • Build your Ooblet team, level up and unlock new dance moves
  • Shape the style of your characters with different clothes and accessories
  • Join an ooblet club to get your first tiny baby ooblet
  • Win new ooblet seeds and become the champion of tournaments by participating in dance competitions
  • Expand and decorate your home from a small cottage to a large farmhouse
  • Meet the townspeople and make friends with your loved ones!
  • Complete daily missions, earn badges, help the mayor trying to save the town from suspicious forces, and reveal Oob's secrets.

You will have to endure some bugs and incomplete parts as Ooblets will be released as early access, but the game and the world will change and expand over time.

Ooblets Game Trailer Video

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