Our grand grand children won’t be able to see Saturn’s rings

It was found that the rings of Saturn are disappearing much faster than expected. According to a new study, Saturn’s rings, which are not a permanent feature of the planet, will disappear in a much shorter time than expected.

Saturn’s rings will disappear in less time than expected

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It is estimated that Saturn’s rings were not yet formed while dinosaurs reigned on Earth. The particles composed of dust and ice in the rings of Saturn turns around it as if they will be there for eternity, actually are being pulled by Saturn because of the planet’s gravitational force. At the same time, they are pushed out because of their speed. The balance between these pushing and pulling forces ensures that the rings are fixed around the planet. However, recent studies have said that the rings rotating around the planet for less than 100 million years will disappear after about 100 million years. The researcher team calculated that the rings lost 432 to 2 thousand 870 kg of material per second and that the particles falling on the surface of the planet were dense to fill an olympic swimming pool in half an hour.

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