Overwatch raises 12 million dollars for the breast cancer research foundation

One of the most played competitive games in the video game world, Overwatch continues to expand its audience every day. Last but not least, in the Halloween event, Blizzard explained how much they gained from their campaign for the breast cancer research foundation last year. It was announced Blizzard gained 12.7 million dollars with Pink Mercy costume for the support character Mercy .

Overwatch’s campaign set a record in terms of the number of participation

With this money, Blizzard stated that five new clinics have been opened thanks to various institutions throughout the world and that the research part of breast cancer has been helped. Earlier, Blizzard, who organized aid campaigns through World of Warcraft, organized a campaign for the first time through another game. If you bought the Pink Mercy costume without knowing this news, you helped Blizzard through this goal. 

Let’s see what Blizzard officials will do in the future by organizing more aid campaigns. Participation in this campaign, which received positive feedback, was too high.

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