Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror is coming to Steam this month

Playism and StoryTale Studios have announced that they will be releasing Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror on Steam December 28, 2019.   

Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror is coming to Steam

Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror Game Trailer Video

StoryTale Studios will be releasing the first folklore-based story for its long-awaited Indonesian horror game, Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror – The White Lady. Based on the belief that horror should not be always about big, catastrophic tragedy and can be done just as effectively when set close to everyday life, Pamali incorporates authentic Indonesian day-to-day activities, cultural phenomena, myths, and taboos which shape the horror itself. The game also gives the players opportunity to define their own game experience based on the choices they make during Pamali gameplay.

StoryTale Studios’ Mira Wardhaningsih explains: “We noticed that different people perceive horror in different ways. For example, zombies are very frightening for some people, but for others, it’s just a walking body.” She then added, “Pamali was created to provide a glimpse into how horror is perceived in Indonesia. We want to introduce Indonesian horror, which is shaped by the culture of the people themselves, from their traditional taboos and folklore. As we believe traditional Indonesian horror shouldn’t be Westernized, Pamali strives to provide players with the authentic Indonesian horror experience.”

This release includes the first folklore-based story of the game, entitled The White Lady, while the other three stories (entitled The Tied Corpse, The Little Devil, and The Hungry Witch, respectively) will be released as separate DLC throughout 2019.

In The White Lady, the player will venture through an abandoned Indonesian residence as Jaka, who has just returned to his hometown to sell his old family home. The game boasts realistic atmosphere based on real-life Indonesian settings, multiple endings, and object interactions that give players a unique take on the world of Pamali in each repeatable playthrough. Players can also explore the lore behind the game via items that can be acquired and collected after finishing the game.  

Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror will have these features; 

  • A horror shaped by the taboos and culture from Indonesia.
  • Multiple stories which will become available throughout 2019
  • Object Interaction allowing you to explore your environment in depth
  • Multiple endings, each choice you make has an impact on the experience and ending you see.
  • Seek out the truth by investigating Jaka and his family.

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