Party Hard 2 Launches With Ground-Breaking Twitch Integration

Party Hard 2, the thrilling sequel to 2015’s Party Hard, is now available for Windows via Steam for $19.99 with a 10% launch discount. Party Hard 2 includes tons of cool new features, including groundbreaking Twitch integration to connect streamers and viewers in ways that no game ever has! TinyBuild and Pinokl Games have managed to turn watching a stream into a game of its own, as viewers earn points for in-game interactions with the streamer, vying for the glorious title of King of the Game!

Party Hard Game Trailer Video

The original Party Hard’s Twitch feature was a hit back in 2015: Not only could viewers watch people play, but they could jump into the action by setting objectives for the streamer. Now, Twitch integration returns better than ever before!

Viewers now get 2 minutes at the start of the game to set up the party by spawning items, traps and NPCs for the streamer to interact with. Everything spawned can be either helpful, like a weapon used to help escape the police, or harmful, like a bouncer who knocks out the player if they get too close.

Viewers who help set up the game get an in-game NPC. These NPCs earn points for the actions they perform or the actions achieved by the items they placed. So, if the player uses a Molotov cocktail to attack a party goer or if your NPC gets drunk with the streamer, the viewer earns points. The more epic the action, the more points you receive! The viewer with the most points at the end of the game becomes the King of the Game and is able to challenge the streamer with objectives for the next party. How hardcore will these objectives be? That is up to the King of the Game to determine!

Will viewers root for the streamer and try to help them, or play against the streamer and try to keep the party going? Streamers, prepare for a challenge! But don’t worry, surely some of your viewers will want to help you. Right?

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