Dark Souls 3 Pickle Pee and Pump a Rum Crow: Tradeable Items

Dark Souls 3 has many merchants and the Pickle Pee and Pump-a-Rum crows are just one of them. Today we will tell you what you can get from them.

If you are a newcomer to Dark Souls 3, you may ask ”What the hell is Pickle Pee and Pump-a-Rum?”. But don’t worry. We have all been there. First of all, we should know that they are some kind of crows that can trade specific items with you. So we can call them as trader merchants. However, if you didn’t read anything around the web about Miyazaki’s undying title, there is a high chance that you might have missed these friendly crows throughout your journey.

That’s why we are here. Today, we are going to show you how you can access these crows in Dark Souls 3. We will also tell you about what items you can trade. If you are going to try to reach the crows on the regular way, it will cost you lots of souls. So we do not recommend going the usual way as there is an easy trick that almost everyone can do within a couple of minutes.

Where are the Pickle Pee and Pump-a-Rum crows in Dark Souls 3?

It is on top of the Firelink Shrine also known as our main base. However, you need to obtain a Tower Key from the Shrine Handmaid to reach there with regular methods. But there is a trick that’s been out since the release of Dark Souls 3. There is a huge tree just in front of the locked Tower. You can run straight and jump right to the roof. With this method, you don’t need to pay the Shrine Handmaid. I have also included a video about how you can achieve this one.

After you obtain the key or make the jump, you will see a small hole in which you can get inside. Walk carefully in the middle and you should see a Crow’s Nest. After then, you will see the crows talking to you. Those are the Pickle Pee and Pump-a-Rum crows in Dark Souls 3. You can get various items from them by giving specific items. Let’s check out what we can offer to these sweet crows. Shall we?

Before we get into the items that Pickle Pee and Pump-a-Rum crows have to offer, we should warn you that if you want to trade a weapon with them, you cannot upgrade them. The items you will offer need to be original so to say. Without further ado, let’s check out the items below:

What can you trade and what will you get in exchange with the Pickle Pee and Pump-a-Rum crows in Dark Souls 3

Item Placed in Nest Exchanged Item in Return
Moaning Shield Blessed Gem
Eleonora Hollow Gem
Avelyn Titanite Scale
Seed of a Giant Tree Iron Leggings
Undead Bone Shard Porcine Shield
Firebomb, Rope Firebomb Large Titanite Shard
Black Firebomb, Rope Black Firebomb Titanite Chunk
Blacksmith Hammer Titanite Scale
Homeward Bone Iron Bracelets, Call Over Gesture
Prism Stone Twinkling Titanite
Large Leather Shield Twinkling Titanite
Alluring Skull Hello Carving
Hidden Blessing Thank You Carving
Divine Blessing Very Good! Carving
Shriving Stone I’m Sorry Carving
Yorshka’s Chime Help Me! Carving
Cleric’s Sacred Chime Help Me! Carving
Priest’s Chime Help Me! Carving
Saint-Tree Bellvine Help Me! Carving
Caitha’s Chime Help Me! Carving
Crystal Chime Help Me! Carving
Xanthous Crown Lightning Gem
Lightning Urn Iron Helm
Siegbrau Armor of the Sun
Vertebra Shackle Lucatiel’s Mask
Loretta’s Bone Ring of Sacrifice
Coiled Sword Fragment Titanite Slab
Mendicant’s Staff Sunlight Shield

Can I get anything good?

Even though the majority of those items are obtainable in the game world, you can also get some unique items from the Pickle Pee and Pump-a-Rum crows in Dark Souls 3. For instance, you can obtain the Armor of the Sun set from the Crow’s nest by sacrificing your Siegbräu, Homeward Bone, Seed of a Giant Tree, Lightning Urn and your Mendicant’s Staff.

You can also get the carvings because they are carvings that can talk to the players that invade you throughout your journey. For instance, you can just beg for mercy via the I’m sorry carving. And lastly, if you are an achievement hunter, you can also get the Call Over gesture by giving a Homeward Bone. Don’t be afraid of trading the Bone as it can be found almost anywhere.

Where are the Pickle Pee and Pump-a-Rum crows in Dark Souls 3

Is this all?

Of course not. This is Dark Souls 3 and it has lots of illusory walls which is also available in the place where the Pickle Pee and Pump-a-Rum crows are. You just need to run straight and hit the wall. After hitting the wall, there will be a brand new surface that you can jump down and obtain the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. This ring is a must-have if you are just at the beginning of the game. Because when you equip this ring, fallen will foes yield 10% more souls Dark Souls 3 Pickle Pee and Pump a Rum Crow: Tradeable Items

Even though the game is 6 years old, it has a pretty loyal player base. When we take a look at the Steam charts, we can see that there are still thousands of players playing the game right now. Thinking that Elden Ring may get announced on the upcoming E3 showcase, it is a good idea to replay Dark Souls 3 and pay the Pickle Pee and Pump-a-Rum crows a visit. Oh and one more thing. Git gud everyone!

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