How to get a lower ping for online gaming?

You will find a lot of posts on how to lower ping for online gaming on the internet. Nonetheless, every article you find may not have the ping-down methods you like. In particular, if you are searching for ping-lowering in online games, what you find in some articles may not work for you.

Slow internet connection makes gamers crazy

There are a lot of approaches on the internet. But it’s also important to know exactly what caused the higher ping problem on your connection. This problem may be caused by a poor connection style network, the number of devices using the same communication or any other circumstances. Between Fortnite to Overwatch, the Rocket League to the League of Legends, online gaming is as popular as it has ever been. Cloud-connected consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are still selling like crazy. Mobile gaming is growing and growing, and even Apple and Google are making big steps to get into practice.

If you can keep up with your internet access, it’s a good time to be an online gamer. While most games don’t need lightning speed to play, you still want to take a close look at a single key metric: lower ping.

How to get a lower ping for online gaming?

Search Results The snippet from the site Ping refers to the network latency between the player client and the game server as determined by the ping tool or equivalent. Ping is stated quantitatively as a meantime in milliseconds (ms). The lower the ping, the lower the latency, and the less lag the player will experience.

The fears about the ping issue are definitely those who play online games. Given that immediate decisions on these games will have an effect on the whole game, the slightest rise in ping could waste all efforts in a moment.

How to get a lower ping for online gaming?

What are the steps to make the ping lower?

Doing a speed test:

The right set of tests will point you in the right direction when you start trying to lower ping for online gaming. For example, running speed tests on a device that’s wired to your modem and then comparing those results to what you see when you’re wired to a router might help you figure out if it might be time to get a new one. There are a lot of free speed testing tools available on the web these days the most famous is probably the Speedtest. it’s fast, simple and easy to use, and it gives you control over which nearby server you’re using. The is another good option that involves latency calculation, and if you want, the SpeedSmart speed test lets you compare ping to servers around the globe.

Checking the ethernet cables:

It’s also worth making sure you’re using modern, up-to-date cables that can sustain today’s top speeds. Just don’t expect them to do much of anything about ping. The most common types of Ethernet cables are; Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6. Outdated Cat 5 cables are not designed for speeds of more than 100 Mbps. If you use this kind of cable, you’d better change it with the updated one. (Cat 6)

Getting closer to the router:

If you use a Wi-Fi connection, reducing the space between your gaming device and your router increases the strength of your Internet connection, which in turn reduces your ping.

Close all background programs and websites:

Having bandwidth-heavy programs like Netflix, YouTube, torrenting services, and even other games running will have a serious effect on your ping. This applies to background programs and websites on all devices, not just the one you’re playing on. If you have any background downloads, please pause or cancel them. Non-Internet-based programs will not affect your ping, although they may affect the performance of your game.

Reduce the number of devices that use Wi-Fi:

Routers and internet connections can accommodate a number of devices. That computers in use can also reduce the current connection speed and increase the ping speed. When you live with multiple people, it might be difficult. Using an Ethernet Connection will be the next best thing.

Using Local Services:

Playing on your country’s server will dramatically reduce your ping if you’re used to playing on other country’s servers. There are many games that allow you to sort game servers by location or region. This can help you connect to your nearest server. Some games can show your ping or a series of bars that reflect your ping next to different servers.

Connect your device to your router using an Ethernet cable:

So long as the router is not a concern, the ping will almost always be lower on a wired connection than on a wireless one. If this doesn’t lower your ping, your router is most likely to be responsible for your low ping, or the internet connection coming directly from your ISP.

Restart the router and modem:

If your network equipment is running non-stop, it may not be working properly.  Remove the power cables from the modem and the router. Wait for 30 seconds or more, then reconnecting them, would restart your Internet connection and potentially make your ping lower.

Contact the Customer Service Line of your Internet Service Provider:

Before you take action to replace your router, call your ISP to make them aware of your latency issues. They might have a cheaper solution for you.

Replace the router:

One of the biggest problems of the lower ping for online gaming is your router. Especially if your router and/or modem is more than a few years old, changing it with the updated one will be more effective on the power, speed and stability of your Internet connection. Thus your ping will be lower when you install a router. If you’re playing multiple people on the same network at once, you can invest a little extra in a gaming-specific router.

Upgrade your Internet package:

If none of these steps helped to decrease your ping, the internet package with faster upload and download speed will be needed to pick from your ISP.

Yes, all we need is lower ping for online gaming. We would like to remind you that most internet providers have a ”Gamer” kit that has improved upload and download speeds. If you can keep up with your internet access, it’s a good time to be an online gamer. Also, the speed of your computer is very important for online gaming too. You can check our “How you make Windows 10 faster, easily?” article.

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