Players with AMD GPU get banned in PUBG for no reason

PUBG‘s anti-cheat software bans gamers with AMD graphics card for no reason. This software sees AMD’s newly released 18.9.1 Adrenalin drivers as a threat. This situation distressed players who have AMD graphics card.

Players who have AMD graphic card gets banned in PUBG

It is not explained why this problem occurs with the AMD brand while players have Nvidia graphics card has no problem. We need to mention that players suffering from this situation are slowly getting their accounts back. After the mini-crisis, PUBG developers immediately fixed the problem. Nevertheless, some players still informing that they cannot enter the game because they updated their drivers.

PUBG Corp authorities still work on the cheating situation which they banned almost 13 million players who cheat indefinitely. Players who play Fortnite don’t cheat as much as PUBG players. Let’s see if PUBG will able be a leader after all these loss of players. What do you think about cheaters? Tell us in the comment section.  

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