Rustler a GTA 2 Style Game Comes Out in 2021

Does anybody remember GTA 2? It looks like somewhere in Earth, someone remembers. Because Rustler is a GTA 2 inspired medieval game coming in 2021.

You will be able to steal horses except for cars in Rustler

2020 is coming to an end. We have already seen some shocking news worldwide both in gaming and health. 2021 is already on the way. And it looks like 2021 will be similar to 2020. Because weird game ideas are already on the way before next year arrives. This time, we hear Rustler. It is a game where you steal horses except cars in the medieval age.

Rustler also has another name: Grand Theft Horse. Seems like an original name. In this title, you play as Anti-Hero Guy. I couldn’t find a name for this description. Anyways, your main goal is to try and win The Great Tournament to earn the princess’ hand in marriage. To do this, you may have to murder a few people or steal a few horses because love and the princess are much more important than your honour!Rustler a GTA 2 Style Game Comes Out in 2021 The game is being developed by a studio on California called Modus Games. Rustler will enter early access in 2021. You can add it to your wishlist if you have an interest in the title. Or you can just wait for it to make a full release. Because stealing horses and making murders on the medieval age is something we all want to do in this lonely quarantine days right?

Oh and let’s not forget that you can tune your horses, launch cows to your enemies and of course, be a killer in the medieval age. Developers also state that there will be more content in the future. If you want to take a look at the trailer of Rustler, you can check it out below. If you ask me it looks like a fun game. It will be more as time passes most probably.

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