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Playstation 5 developer kit (debug) design revealed

A design appeared to belong to the Playstation 5. When we look at this draft design, which was allegedly owned by a Playstation 5, it may be one of Sony’s most interesting designs.

Playstation 5 developer kit (debug) design revealed

Frankly, I don’t think that this design could be the Playstation 5’s design. It looks like a console with its patent design and outline on August 13. On the other hand, even for the PS5, this can be a design for the very early stage. Or we could think that this could be the case for the producer kit, called Debug, that the company sent to the developers.

playstation 5 developer kit debug design revealed 1 1

When we look at the draft of the patent designed by Yusuhiro Ootori, we can say that the middle V (5) symbol, driver and USB ports attract attention. What are you thinking? How high do you think it is likely to come with such a design?

UPDATE: Codemasters officially confirmed this design. It is stated that the device is the PS5 Debug, that is the producer kit.

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