PlayStation 5 Indie Games Will Change The Rules

Sony made a presentation for PlayStation 5 several days ago and revealed many games. PlayStation 5 Indie Games were particularly impressive. Balances can change, let’s discuss.

As you know, on 11 June 23:00, Sony made a presentation about the PlayStation 5 console and games to be released. During this presentation, which took a little over an hour, indie games took place along with many big titles. Sony also featured exclusive games for PlayStation 5, third-party games and independent games. This article is my personal opinion and as a result of my observations, I got some ideas about the direction of the game industry.

PlayStation 5 Indie games announced at the Future of Gaming presentation.

It was possible to create a few categories basically for the games announced by big companies until today. The main elements that we can see in the big games coming from these companies allowed them to stand out from the independent games and take the lead. Of course, big companies do this by spending crazy marketing budgets. Independent developers, on the other hand, were trying to close the gap while doing their games, bypassing some of the things that big companies did and making the part they could do correct and original.

PlayStation 5 Indie Games Will Change The Rules

With the technology of Motion Capture (MoCap), you can take the commercial value of the game to the next level with great animations and intermediate cinematic scenes. This was not a technology that could be used very often for independent developers. Therefore, independent developers were using different ways to close these handicaps. At least they were doing this until a while ago, and now things have changed a lot.

Repetitive Features

The repetitive features of popular AAA quality games, leave a massive gap in the industry for independent developers. The space left behind by the intermediate cinematic scenes and the quality of storytelling enriched by floating on dollars is the variety of gameplay and originality. It is not a game basis but on an industrial basis. Independent developers also take advantage of this gap. Also, indie game announcements, especially from Asia and Europe, seem to confirm what I just said entirely.

One of the reasons was some games from independent developers I saw in the PlayStation 5 “Future of Gaming” presentation. Some PlayStation 5 indie games, which come with incredible cinematic scenes and great environmental designs, confront AAA quality games. Others continue to carry the independent touches of play in their texture.

Now let’s take a look at the Playstation 5 Indie Games in order.

List of PS5 Indie Games


A strange, story-driven adventure game from the creators of Octodad. A game for discovering an island full of small creatures, half of which are insects, half are fruits, vegetables and all snacks. We can quickly feel the independent game texture I mentioned in this game.

Goodbye Volcano High

A group of dinosaurs have to decide on their graduation, which will affect the rest of their lives. Goodbye Volcano High is a storytelling game with a cinematic aspect, where decisions change the flow. I closed my eyes after watching the trailer. I enjoyed the youth series that we all watched in childhood. The music is also lovely too. A perfect sample of independent games. Goodbye, Volcano High!

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is another Playstation 5 Indie Game that can compete with the AAA games. A story-driven game built on fights and environmental manipulation in its rich world—exquisite cinematic scenes and animations. I’m sure if leading companies would give up severe and dark stories and make an exciting adventure game, it couldn’t be more than Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Little Devil Inside

A dangerous adventure in a similar period of the Victorian era, your employer gathers and finds evidence for the crazy professor. See, cinematics and animations are delicious again. We are facing one of the independent games where nothing seems severe and threatening. But it is.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

The power of PlayStation 5 powers Oddworld in the 3D Platformer genre. There is a story that shines with ironies in the darkness. The quality we see is top level.


Annapurna Interactive and BlueTwelve are developing Stray. This game is an adventure game that nobody makes much sense like the release of Death Stranding. Stray is waiting for us with its layered world that we will play as a cat and its interestingly designed universe. Again, high-level cinematics and also an independent game.

Solar Ash

When I saw it first, Journey came alive into my mind. Solar Ash is a story-based game. As if it were going to be a fast-moving game. It seems that it will provide different experiences with its surreal structure.

Playstation 5 Indie Games sound like bombs. This distinction may not remain in the industry tomorrow.

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