PlayStation 5 logo has been revealed for the first time

We finally get to see the PlayStation 5 logo for the first time. During Sony‘s CES 2020 presentation, PlayStation 5 logo has been shown to the world for the first time. Also during the presentation, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan walked on stage to announce that PS4 has passed 106 million units sold, while PS4 games have moved 1.15 billion units. 5 million units of PlayStation VR have also been sold, while the PlayStation Network has passed 105 million monthly active users and 38.8 million subscribers for PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation 5 logo has been revealed

You can say that the logo is the same one with PlayStation 4. It is just 5 instead of 4. However, since PlayStation 4 was a big success, it only makes sense that Sony is following a similar route. You can check out the features that have been confirmed so far:

– 3D Audio Sound
– Haptics/ Adaptive Triggers
– Ultra-High Speed SDD
– Hardware-Based Ray Tracking
– Ultra HD BLU-RAY

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