Discord is offering better conditions for developers in its store

Steam is currently the biggest digital game platform. This month, Epic Games Store has opened as a rival to Steam, it cuts 12 % from developers and giving 88 % of their earnings to developers (Steam cuts % 30). And now Discord is joining to game market with better conditions for developers.

Discord is selling games and offering better conditions to developers

Discord will support developers in its new store. Epic Games Store cuts 12 % and Steam cuts 30 % from developers. Beside that Discord will cut 10 % from developers in the store.

Discord has 130 million registered users in 2018. And everyday this numbers are going high. And almost all players in the world, are using Discord for voice chat or create a special community. When we think about it, Discord can have a chance to compete with Steam and Epic Games Store. What do you think about that? Can Discord be a rival to Steam and Epic Games Store?

Murat Oktay

Video games have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I have been writing and managing in the game industry for more than 30 years. I've been playing Diablo 2 nonstop since it first came out.

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