PlayStation 5 VR Controllers Have Been Revealed

Today, Sony revealed the PlayStation 5 VR controllers and their features. It will have adaptive triggers and haptic feedback just like the DualSense controller.

PlayStation 5 VR controllers will have some impressive features

It looks like Sony will continue giving us some great virtual-reality experience. the last-generation console of Sony also included a VR set. But this time, it is on a whole new level. Because the PlayStation 5 VR controllers will have a bunch of features that will make you feel like you are inside your favourite game. The most important features of these controllers are no doubt haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

The PlayStation 5 VR controllers’ design is also unique. which takes on an “orb” shape that allows you to hold the controller naturally while playing with a high degree of freedom. There are no constraints with how you’re moving your hands, providing developers with the ability to create unique gameplay experiences. This particularly means that we will be able to see more genres in VR.PlayStation 5 VR Controllers Have Been Revealed

The controller also can detect your fingers without any pressing in the areas. Where you place your thumb, index, or middle fingers. This enables you to make more natural gestures with your hands during gameplay. With this feature, you will be able to play games more ”naturally” when we compare it to the previous version of the VR set of Sony. Also, you will be able to track your PlayStation 5 VR controller via the new VR Headset. But there are no images of the headset. Sony will also announce it when the time comes.

Lastly, The left and right PlayStation 5 controllers are just like a DualSense controller split in half. The Left controller contains one analog stick. The triangle and square buttons, a “grip” button (L1), trigger button (L2) and Create button. The Right controller contains one analog stick, the cross and circle buttons, a “grip” button (R1), trigger button (R2) and Options button.


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