Star Conflict’s Update 1.5.9 Adds New Ships, Game Modes and Increases Rewards

Stargem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announce the release of Update 1.5.9 for online Space Action game Star Conflict. Building on Update 1.5.7, it concludes the big series of changes and improvements that have gone into the game during Autumn. Now, newcomers will be able to delve right into the game more quickly, while hardened veterans will find more opportunities to upgrade their space fleet and the ability to make a fortune using the automated trading system.

  • Jericho Command Fighter ‘Pilgrim’: The ‘Pilgrim’ is the first ship in Star Conflict with the ability to perform an “emergency landing”, allowing it to quickly land on the surface of a planet or station. Surplus energy no longer needed by the engines will be used to cover the ship under an additional, protective shield and to increase both range and firepower of the ship’s main weapons. Now, even a deserted asteroid can become a deadly weapons platform!
  • Test Drive: Players can now try the feats of their ships, including the “emergency landing” option, using the new “Test Drive” function. In a safe sector in space, players can try weapons, defences, flight dynamics and the function of all combat modules of any ship, even before it has been purchased.
  • Two new locations: Two brand-new locations now extend the galaxy of Star Conflict. On “Huron”, which features an abandoned base in orbit around a gas giant, players will have to prove their piloting skills while fighting amidst the debris of the station’s wreckage and asteroids. “Terminal D”, which is located directly above the surface of an earth-like planet, offers players a beautiful view on what could be easily mistaken as the cradle of humanity – if they can spare a moment during the fast-paced combat.
  • New ‘Brawls’ game mode: ‘Brawls’ are a new mode of distinctive encounters defined by special rules and victory conditions, which will change every other week to offer especially veteran Star Conflict players  new and exciting opportunities to play the game. Currently available in ‘Brawls’ are the modes ‘Beacon Capture’, ‘Survival’, ‘Combat Recon’ and ‘Spaceboll’.
  • Increased rewards: With every new player level, pilots will now receive a Premium license valid for two days as a gift. Premium licenses double the experience and rewards gained in battle and will allow new players in particular to quickly develop their fleets and explore the most distant corners of the galaxy.

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