PlayStaton 5: New details reveal by Sony on March 18

Sony Interactive Entertainment said it will release the new details for PlayStation 5 specifications and full details on Wednesday, March 18 at 9:00 am PT. The company will do this through the PlayStation Blog. To be presented by Mark Cerny, the console’s leading system builder to the founder of both Knack Games. According to Sony, the presentation would include a “deep dive into the machine architecture of PS5 and how it will influence the future of gaming.” PlayStation fans will be able to watch the show on the PlayStation Blog.

PlayStation 5 new details reveal by Sony on March 18

Once the PlayStation 5 specifications have been revealed, we will see how Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox Series X will affect it. As it is known, the technical features, next-generation games and backward compatibility of Xbox Series X brought this console to the fore. 

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The first details about PlayStation 5, where Cerny announced the system features for the Wired next-generation console, appeared in April 2019. The PS5 will be powered by a third-generation AMD Ryzen processor-based CPU and powered by a GPU based on AMD’s Radeon Navi that supports resolutions up to 8K. PS5 will also come with a hard disk drive, supporting PlayStation 4 games for backward compatibility. It will also work with PlayStation VR. 

PlayStation 5 release date is set as the end of 2020 

Since then, Sony has been relatively quiet about next-generation console plans. In CES 2020, the PS5 described its known features to date and only showed the logo of the new generation console. Some third-party developers have started releasing PlayStation 5 games, including Counterplay Games and Godfall from Gearbox Publishing.

Despite Sony’s plans to launch the PS5 this year, it was withdrawn from the E3 Fair for the second time, even though it was canceled. Instead, Sony plans to attend “hundreds of consumer events worldwide” this year, but it was not clear how many of these events would focus on Sony’s next-generation PlayStation. Also, it is not yet clear how the global coronavirus pandemic will affect the game maker’s plans.

What do we know about the Playstation 5 specifications?

While the era of eighth-generation consoles gradually fills, dozens of claims are being made about PlayStation 5. Now the first real information about PlayStation 5 has been revealed. Wired from the foreign press, made an interview with Mark Cerny, who worked as the designer of PlayStation 5, and the curious questions were answered. According to the interview, the PlayStation 5 was said to have AMD hardware on the console alongside the release date set as 2020. Ray Tracing technology will also be available on the console, which will use AMD’s third-generation Ryzen processors. On the other hand, thanks to a specially produced chip, the sound quality that the console will offer in 3D sounds will be taken to the next level. 

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Besides all, Cerny stated that PlayStation 5 will make significant improvements in storage (HDD), and underlined that the new technology will be even faster than SSD. The designer, who gave an example from the Spider-Man game on this subject, stated that fast travel in the game takes about 15 seconds, but this time could decrease up to 0.8 seconds if the game was on PS5. Finally, it is among the information that the console will support 8K graphics.

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