Prince of Persia: Dark Babylon leaked

Prince of Persia: Dark Babylon is coming. A claim has been made for the next Prince of Persia, one of the biggest brands known to the gaming world, but has not been seen for a long time. According to rumors in Reddit, the company has pushed the button for the new Prince of Persia game. According to the same rumor, the game will be announced next month.

Will the next game Prince of Persia: Dark Babylon?

According to information shared in Reddit, the new Prince of Persia will be announced at the PlayStation Meeting in February, along with the new Splinter Cell. Moreover, the name of the game Prince of Persia: Dark Babylon is referred to as. The story of the game will take the after of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. And the game is claimed to contain dynamics similar to the trilogy.

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There will be some important changes in the gameplay. Producers affected the God of War’s character and armor development. And, they added the same mechanics to this game.

Prince of Persia: Dark Babylon release date is somewhere in 2021. Another interesting information is that the new Prince of Persia game is intended for cross-gen, that is, for both this generation and the next-generation consoles and PC.

The last time Prince of Persia appeared on the market with a new main chapter was 2010 and perhaps no one would have thought Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands would have given the franchise the path to early retirement. Sure the game wasn’t a masterpiece, but to bring in the Prince of Persia attic passes there from here.

We hope, this information is true, and we can play the game soon. All we have to do is waiting for Sony’s Playstation Meeting event in February. Let’s wait and see.

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