Producer of the Days Gone, Bend Studios, working on a new title

Bend Studios, one of the exclusive studios of Sony, is reported to be working on a new project. In spite of its important shortcomings, Days Gone title, made the name of the company popular.

Producer of the Days Gone, Bend Studios, working on a new title

It is also stated that the company is working on a completely new project, not the next game of Days Gone. Bend Studios came out with the sharing of LinkedIn profiles of its employees. For example, Jeremy Vickery, who worked on lighting at SIE Bend Studio, added to his profile that he was part of a new project developed at the company, apart from Days Gone. Needless to say, this new game was developed for Playstation 5. Although there is no official statement on this statement, Sony must have mobilized first-party companies for the next year’s console.

Bend Studio has previously produced PSP and PS Vita versions of Resistance and Uncharted games besides Syphon Filter series.

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