PS4 exclusive game Dreams’ beta process is starting today

There are good news from the PS4 exclusive game Dreams, which was in the developing process for a long time. The game, which was announced in the previous years and succeeded to attract attention with its fairytale-like structure, is ready for the beta process. According to the information shared in a Twitch stream, the game is now ready for the beta process. If you have applied for the beta process of the game, you may want to check your email. Developers who say there is no need to have a PS Plus subscription to play the beta, underscores that Internet connection is a must. Otherwise, you cannot enter the beta process.

PS4 exclusive game Dreams’ beta process is starting today

We will understand better what the game is offering us in the beta process. The game, which is very different now compared to the time when it was announced first, has been re-made exactly two times from the beginning. It was underlined that we would enter into interesting adventures in the game, which will come with a scenario mode. The team has been developing Dreams for exactly six years and the release date is not clear yet. Let’s see if the game will be able to satisfy Sony when it is released.

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