Psyonix announces E-Sports shop update for Rocket League

4 Apr 2019 Thursday
Psyonix announces E-Sports shop update for Rocket League
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

The Esports Shop Hits April 16, Rocket Pass 3 featuring NEW Challenge System Goes Live April 17

Psyonix, independent video game developer and publisher, has announced that the ‘Esports Shop Update’ will go live in Rocket League on April 16 for all platforms (pending first party certifications).

The Esports Shop Update includes:

 The Esports Shop - A new in-game shop that features items representing various teams from the Rocket League Esports ecosystem. More information including initial partners and items will be revealed next week.

  • Rocket Pass 3 and the Challenge System - Rocket Pass 3 will go live on April 17 and will introduce the Challenge System. More information on the Challenge System will be revealed next week!
  • Replay FX - A brand new toolset which features visual editing options for match replays. Changing the depth of field, altering backgrounds, adding green screen effects, color adjustment, and more post-processing effects will be possible with Replay FX.
  • HDR Support, Additional Monstercat Flags, and Various Quality of Life Improvements

 Additional information about the features in the Esports Shop Update will be revealed next week.